heading says Loose Cannon Online, with cartoon character lighting fuse of old-style cannon, address of P.O.Box 277, Felton, CA 95018, and email is a real loose cannon (one word) at (one word) hotmail (one word) dot com Earth Day is an environmental fraud first character says ‘Are you implying environmentalists lie about the environment?’and second character says ‘Just like other people’

How many more deadly global plagues will we have to have before you parents stop lying about overcrowding? How many more thousands of immigrants will have to drown in our oceans or die of dehydration in our deserts or be imprisoned in our overcrowded jails before you parents will address the real problem?--world overpopulation.

How many more genocidal armed struggles over basic resources will we have to witness, before you parents will give up your agenda? That agenda can be called the Parents' Agenda. The Parents' Agenda is that there should be no real restrictions on the parents' agenda--this is the Parents' Agenda.

For example, the organization which used to be called "Zero Population Growth" abolished that name because parents in Zero Population Growth didn't like the implication of the phrase "zero population growth", which would imply actually stopping population growth.

In the United States each day, at least 3 children die from abuse or neglect. You may have seen one of those mothers in the supermarket, slapping her child because it reached out for a brightly colored object on the shelf. Or those fathers who are screwing their 12-year old daughters.

Clearly some people should never be allowed to have children.

But the 1973 Supreme Court decision known as Roe verses Wade is predicated on the federal government NOT intervening directly in human reproduction. Many of you applaud Roe verses Wade because it legalized abortion. But altho Roe verses Wade legalized abortion, Roe verses Wade also guarantees that any two creeps can form a pregnancy.

You may reply that Roe verses Wade advances the "rights of women". But that is really a disguise for parents' rights and by implication denigrates women who are NOT parents. This doctrine of "reproductive freedom" says that in a world which is already overpopulated, only women who are parents are to decide population levels. This, in effect, makes it illegal for communities and society to decide population levels--or stop child abuse before it happens.

We can stop child abuse AND overpopulation by licensing parents.

If you say licensing of parents has the potential for abuse, you haven't noticed the present system is already abusive. Or maybe you'd like to give a medal to that father who is screwing his 12-year old daughter, thanks to the doctrine of reproductive freedom.

All you Catholics and all you Protestants (and Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and even you atheists and you tree-hugging tofu-eating bean-fart environmentalists) all believe the same thing. You believe in the doctrine of the God-ordained hardon. Or at least you believe in the doctrine of the God-ordained hardon so long as that kid who pops out of the oven looks like you instead of like the mailman or your best friend.

You and the wife have your hands in my pocket, feeling up my wallet and squeezing it to see if it's firm enough for your liking, in order to pay for your boner. Sure, there's a kind of logic to it: If you and the old lady are laying around in bed all day, hoping and praying for another Big One, and if you do finally get it up again (especially after an episode of erectile dysfunction) you probably conclude your erection is an Act Of God. Therefore any pregnancies you cause must also be Acts Of God. And from there it is a small step to conclude it must be God's Will that other people should pay for your sex life and your God-ordained hardon, thru family discounts and favorable tax treatment.

"An Inconvenient Truth" is hanging between Al Gore's legs. We have a world ecological crisis presided over by politicians who believe their boners have been sanctified by Him (or by Her).

Voluntary reproductive restraint (as championed by Planned Parenthood) is no real restraint at all. The tragic irony of voluntary reproductive restraint is that it guarantees the procreation of those violent imbeciles who murder people at Planned Parenthood clinics.

Heading says ‘Restore your personal environment and combat parental lies about shortages’and next line says ‘You can increase the massage effect of your shower by enlarging the flow-restriction hole with a slightly larger drill bit’showing a wrench, shower head, and drill with bit

Voluntary reproductive restraint genetically selects out (that is to say, eliminates from the gene pool) the DNA of those types of people who would be conscientious about restraining overpopulation. Worse yet, voluntary reproductive restraint acts as a negative genetic selector favoring (instead) the most instinctively racist specimens of humanity.

Your vasectomy only means that you have made yourself into the court eunuch while the follies of the court continue.

You parents are willing to go to any lengths to disguise the problem. You create programs to hide the ill effects of an expanding population: water conservation, car-pooling, urban compactness. By managing the symptoms of overpopulation, you attempt to make overpopulation less noticeable. But conservation programs don't save the environment. Conservation programs actually destroy the environment by facilitating acceptance of overpopulation.

When those darker-skinned people in other countries cut down the rain forest, you call it thoughtless destruction of nature. But when you construct another high-rise, you call it "sustainable development"--a fancy term for your own destruction of the environment.

I am not going to take shorter showers so that you can keep banging the old lady without that little piece of latex interfering with your pleasure. I'm not going to drive my car less so that your future teenagers can cruise around in cars they shouldn't have anyway. I'm not going to install those awful fluorescent lights so that more people can overload the electrical grid. You think you can con me about a "shortage" of water or gas or electricity or space.

There is no shortage--there is a PARENT OVERAGE. Restrict births, not water.

What will it take to stop you parents from lying? Global uncontrolled disease epidemics such as Ebola and Covid-19? More insane congestion? More mysterious cancers from industrial pollution? More so-called "ethnic conflicts" as expanding populations compete for territory?

We are in this situation because the human species instinctively 'defers' to parents--for a reason. Let me repeat that: The human species instinctively defers to parents for a reason...BECAUSE...in ancient times in the absence of modern medicine, for tens of thousands of years of human evolution, deferral to parents insured the survival of the tribe in a situation where most people died before age 35, hence the "selective advantage" of our human instinct to defer to parents.

But now, with modern medicine, deferral to parents is killing us.

After reading this essay, most of you will still not understand how conservation programs destroy the environment--which is another reason why society should license parents BECAUSE the human species (as presently constituted) is too dumb and too dishonest and too governed by instinct to acknowledge the real dynamics of habitat degradation, namely the continued and unrestricted growth of world population.

Earth Day is an environmental fraud, and the term "environmental" has become just another gimmick for marketing consumer goods.

- Jerry Simpson (2016)

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