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Immigrants rights is code for overpopulation in Mexico and Latino racism in the U.S.

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She says Why don't you also talk about overpopulation of gringos, and he replies Because most white people are not smart enough to understand it also applies to them, to which she say So it's hopeless, he says Yup, she says And you are wasting your time, he says Yup, she asks Are you a Yuppy, he says Noppy

 Issue 1 - Letters suppressed by
             Santa Cruz Comic News

 Issue 2 - Earth Day Is An
            Environmental Fraud

 Issue 3 - Billions In Subsidies
              Paid For By Renters

 Issue 19 - Paragraph censored by
                 Metro Santa Cruz

 Issue 21 - The U.S. Left is a joke 

Issue 24 -
 printable poster

 Issue 25 - Letter suppressed by
                 Discover Magazine

 Issue 26 - Letter suppressed by
                 Metro Santa Cruz


 Criminal drug cartels 
 love a porous border
      (bumper sticker)    

 "No" To Immigrant Bashing 
    by Roy Beck    

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The Truth In Rented Rooms
 poetry by Koon Woon